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Kolkata to Kachubaria


We are start for a full day excursion to Gangasagar - An island in the confluence of river Ganga & embayment of Bengal & well known for Kapil Muni Ashram which is advised to be a great devout significance and Holy Dip (Snaan at River-Sagar Confluence).

Babugaht / Millennium to Gangasagar by Cruise.

Now, it’s the very easy go-to Gangasagar from Kolkata. Book the Gangasagar cruise service from Kolkata for the purpose of traveling to Gangasagar with online or offline bookings. Tickets can be booked online on the company website - www.bummeltoursindia.com Since the running of the ferry is dependent on a minimum number of passengers, travelers are advised to check with the company before making plans. Also, do confirm about reporting and departure times. Now it is available for all travelers, who visit from Kolkata to Gangasagar by cruise?

Millennium(Kolkata) to Ganganagar by Cruise

West Bengal Government and non-Government organization join the venture has decided to start cruise service for traveling Gangasagar from Kolkata and this will help the pilgrims to reach the Gangasagar on the hassle-free way by water transport. It is now available to all travelers in March 2020.
Travelers can reach Kapil Muni's Ashram in Gangasagar in just three or four hours. By the new cruise service and this service will be available daily. There are two categories of seats as economy and premium catagory per head and inclusive of snacks). The charges are for one-way journeys.

Ship departure schedule from Millennium(Kolkata) & Gangasagar(Kachubaria)

● Millennium(Kolkata) to Gangasagar (Sagardwip)
Service Day – Every Day /Sunday.
Starting Time – 07:30 AM
Reaching Time – 10:30 AM

● Gangasagar to Millennium(Kolkata)
Service Day – Every Day/Sunday
Starting Time – 03:30 PM.
Reaching Time – 06:30 PM.

Tickets booking Price

Kolkata to Gangasagar(Kachubaria) Oneway Booking Price -

● One Day Trip ₹ 14,00/- Per head .(Economy).
● One Day Trip ₹ 16,00/- Per head.(Premium).
● Gangasar (ONE WAY FARE) -
Halishahar / (kalyani) / Chandannagar / Seouraphuli:-
● One Day Trip ₹1600/-(Economy).
One Day Trip ₹ 1800/-(Premium).


● Welcome drinks will be served.
● Breakfast on board
● Biscuits & Coffee / tea.

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